hiking the Konza Tallgrass Prairie in the Flint Hills of northeastern Kansas

Remembrances: When I was young I drove solo across the United States of America several times, east to west and north to south. I have seen most of the lower forty-eight as they used to say, and Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The first trips were for exploration, to see what was to be seen in the world. In later years I was chasing a career, moving from city to city where there might be better jobs, trying to make it in the world. It was my habit because I traveled alone, to stop every few hours and find some place to walk and stretch my legs and clear my mind. Sometimes I would walk up and down the main street of a small town, going into shops and casually talking to people. I remember a da

When Mother was diagnosed with Dementia

I moved to Bloomington, Illinois in late 2007 to provide daily care to my housebound parents at Mother’s request and to enable them to spend the last years of their life together in their own home. Father could barely walk across the room, but he still drove. Mother suffered dementia to such a degree that she simply sat without eating, drinking, or taking her blood pressure and heart medications. She would try to walk across the room and pass out midway. They also forgot to let their two elderly Labrador dogs out into the backyard on a regular basis with predictable consequences. Mother also needed diapers. I got all that sorted with diligent rules, home cooking, doctor appointments, a

Life List Of Vehicles I Have Driven

I have driven many vehicles in my three score and eight years: horse (saddle, cart, and plow), donkey, elephant, camel, piggyback on human male, water skis and snow skis, roller skates and ice skates, sled, hiking boots, go-cart, bumper cars, bicycle, car (with stick shift and automatic), van, truck, tractor, moped, motorcycle, snowmobile, cherry picker forklift, underwater dive scooter, inner tube down the Apple River and over the waterfall, zip-line, out-board motor powered fishing boat, canoe, kayak (fresh water and ocean), and a plane which was an old Cessna 150 hybrid assembled from parts of other planes. As I wobbled the Cessna down a California runway in 1979, the newly fledged fligh

Trump Presidency sets a new high standard.

I received a note card response from President Donald J. Trump today. Thrilling! It is a nice weight, ivory cardstock, embossed with the golden seal of the Presidency, and is enclosed in an oversized envelope which is addressed by hand. As the sitting president does not have "Privilege" franking (the right to send mail to constituents at the government's expense) as do some government officials (especially legislators), the fact that it is franked with US postage $000.46 indicates that this is a personal message. I certainly appreciate it as such. Again, this is thrilling, and the fact that I have received several of these presidential Thank You notes makes me proud. I am proud of the c

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Woman: I have noticed that Non-Disclosure Agreements are often reported in the news in the context of government and media, often as part of sexual harassment settlements. These NDA’s allow perpetrators to evade sunshine laws and other public scrutiny, which is in a word, bad. NDA's allow miscreants to continue their evil deeds by buying off the complainant’s silence, so that other potential victims are not alerted to the dangers. This contractual silence has allowed countless perpetrators to camouflage themselves as law-abiding citizens and to continue to act with impunity for decades, amassing one victim after the other. An NDA is a legally binding contract that creates a legal obliga

Golden Eggs

I learned the most delicious way to make golden eggs from a street vendor in India. No, I did not go to India (I wish!), but I did watch a documentary of various street vendors cooking eggs and learned some tricks of the trade. A tender, fragrant two-egg omelet can be cooked to perfection in a skillet where butter has been browned on low heat, with turmeric which turns the omelet golden. Yummy! I learned this from an old man who appeared to have been standing at his street side grill for forty years, weary and dulled by repetitions; I saw his timing, and how he turned the omelet to keep it high. I am grateful for the learning, and my prayer goes to him for rest and pleasure in India. Ca

Time Unwinds From Its Axes

Question: Where is the mechanism from which time unwinds? When did it begin to turn? The answer of “Big Bang” is so imprecise as to afford no purchase for comprehension. x axis = composite past ↔ macro future y axis = a continuum of the perceptual speed of time (which is a c-mind interface) within multiverse branes, α, β, γ, δ, ε... with entanglement of spatial dimensions (local W x H x D; universal x, y, z, w), electromagnetism, matter, and gravity Caption: Time Unwinds From Its Axes by Annmarie Throckmorton, 2017.

Where did all the investigative reporters go?

My reply to a Team Trump Survey which asked, “Do you trust Fox News to fairly report on our presidency?”: Fox News has a fairly reasonable tone toward the Presidency Of The United States, but Fox News fails to generate its own news stories and simply adds commentary to the lies and distortions of the rest of the Main Stream Media which amplifies the general disrespect and sabotage. I do not remember the last time I heard any breaking news from Fox News, just click-bait for faux-new news. If Fox News wants to compete with online news, it needs to get its reporters back out on the streets like old school newshounds. I wish Fox News very good luck, and good luck is built on hard work. Curr

Apparently you can make a monkey out of me.

I tried on my new monkey suit today, it is cute if I do say so myself, but very, very hot. Is this why humanity shed its pelt? Margaret Cat loved seeing me in my new ears and tail, and amazingly, immediately she ran to me to be picked up and nuzzle my face. Who knew that was what she was looking for? A giant monkey, c'est moi. It was a dull, sad day until I put on my new monkey suit. Perfect for Halloween if I could still walk enough to go trick-or-treating. I am glad I never let a chance pass by for my inner child to play. I have the memories. Yes, I have heard the rumors, but when I get to Seattle, Washington, if I ever get to Seattle, I plan to check out a furry convention. I am

Metaphoric Wallops

She mocked: I loved a little boy, The world it was his toy. Then he and I grew up, The world gave us wallops. He retorted: Delightfully delicious, Yet life can be so vicious. Caption: Metaphoric Wallops by Annmarie Throckmorton, 10-16-17 4:01 PM

Slurs are beyond irksome.

I resent being gassed (in the old sense not the new) with someone’s poisonous hatred. There are a few words you just cannot say to me, like White Genocide, or these sly slurs: Cracker "is not a slave owner or overseer cracking a whip. 'Cracker' predates the plantation era; and it refers to someone who would have been too poor to own slaves.” http://www.urbandictionary.com. Cracker was snipped at me when I was too young to see any risk, but warm-hearted enough to try friendship with all sorts of people. I did not know what they meant until decades later when an internet search revealed the slur. Toubab “is a Central and West African name (sic) for a person of European descent (‘whites’). Use

Scotty's Girl, oils, 8" x 5"

It was a long time ago, but I think of him from time to time. Scotty was a casual friend whose company I enjoyed in 1995. He was short and stocky in the way of my favorite body type. He was cute and thought-full. We talked philosophy in layperson’s terms, trying for agreement on definitions so that we could sort through the ideas. When I got to know him better I learned that he was burdened with moderate Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The need to lock and re-lock his door when leaving or returning home was just one of the troubles that he managed. I liked that he liked my artwork. Once when I showed Scotty some of my postcard-sized oil paintings, I pulled one back and said, “Oh, this

cracking up

There are definite advantages to growing old. For example, I have a Glad-To-Be-Old List, it rhymes with bucket list. On my list are things I do not have to do because I will die much, much sooner than I will ever be young again, meaning that I am too old to do it now. Because I was athletic I always thought that I should try out things that I am now safe from doing; like: scuba under the Antarctic ice to see the life sheltering there, bungee jumping, sky diving, cliff climbing, and parkour, which is moving through urban settings as if over a military obstacle course. Parkour sounds really, really fun, but really, really dangerous especially if you are genetically designed more like a go

Sometimes there is no pattern, just fate.

The motive for the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas shooter on 10-01-17 may be as simple as he did not like the noise of the concerts and decided to shoot out noisemakers; after he lost his human inhibitions due to age, drugs, alcohol, failure, and he was doomed by the socialization and genetics of his criminal family background. The night before the worst mass shooting in American history, the shooter had complained, twice, of loud noise below his hotel suite. However, when one underestimates humanity’s capacity for evil and treachery, it is easy to be mistaken. Caption: Patterns by Annmarie Throckmorton, 10-08-17.

Benefits of bats

“Bats are clean, gentle and intelligent.” According to Bat World Sanctuary, Inc., Bat World Sanctuary, 299 High Point Rd, Weatherford, TX 76088, https://batworld.org/, bats “...are vital to the ecosystem, and they enhance our lives in many ways. Fruit and nectar bats bring us approximately 450 commercial products and over 80 different medicines through seed dispersal and pollination. Up to 98% of all rainforest regrowth comes from seeds that have been spread by fruit bats. Insect-eating bats are literal vacuum cleaners of the night skies, eating millions upon millions of harmful bugs. They protect us by eating insect-pests that destroy crops as well as insects that cause human disease.” Ba

Completely alone is hard.

I drove up from Bloomington, Illinois to Chicago this morning, in fog over the highway and mist off the fields. I went Interstate 55 North to Illinois Route 17 toward Kankakee. Sunrise was around 7:00 AM, rising behind the soft gray sky. There was a gentle rain but iffy road conditions, so I gripped the steering wheel tighter than was comfortable. I usually wear a pretty ring when driving to offset the tedium. Today I caught glimpses of the twenty carat deep purple ring which was my sole adornment for my late father’s personal injury court hearing that morning. It showed pale crystal blue in that light, hard and pretty like my paternal grandmother’s eyes. I drove through the hours, b

Lucid dreaming

Last night I dreamed that I was dreaming, and when I realized this I woke myself up inside of my dream but continued actually sleeping. This amused me when I actually woke up this morning. Caption: Lucid Dreaming by Annmarie Throckmorton 2017

Fish in Pink And Gray Stripes, 2017

Today I rested and created Fish in Pink And Gray Stripes (above). I created it with new media art techniques including whimsical digital painting, color filtering, transforming, and blending to make a lighthearted work of art. Enjoy!

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