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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Life List Of Vehicles I Have Driven

I have driven many vehicles in my three score and eight years: horse (saddle, cart, and plow), donkey, elephant, camel, piggyback on human male, water skis and snow skis, roller skates and ice skates, sled, hiking boots, go-cart, bumper cars, bicycle, car (with stick shift and automatic), van, truck, tractor, moped, motorcycle, snowmobile, cherry picker forklift, underwater dive scooter, inner tube down the Apple River and over the waterfall, zip-line, out-board motor powered fishing boat, canoe, kayak (fresh water and ocean), and a plane which was an old Cessna 150 hybrid assembled from parts of other planes.

As I wobbled the Cessna down a California runway in 1979, the newly fledged flight instructor received a reprimand from the tower, “Who the *%$* is piloting that *#@*$%* plane?” “Sorry, it’s a girl.” “Well, get her out of here.” I aligned the plane as best I could and took off. I flew over the San Francisco Bay and back, but I did not land as I had had zero lessons. The instructor had offered to let me take off and fly the plane on a lark.

Caption: Tractor driven by Annmarie Throckmorton in 1980.

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