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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Trump Presidency sets a new high standard.

I received a note card response from President Donald J. Trump today. Thrilling! It is a nice weight, ivory cardstock, embossed with the golden seal of the Presidency, and is enclosed in an oversized envelope which is addressed by hand. As the sitting president does not have "Privilege" franking (the right to send mail to constituents at the government's expense) as do some government officials (especially legislators), the fact that it is franked with US postage $000.46 indicates that this is a personal message. I certainly appreciate it as such.

Again, this is thrilling, and the fact that I have received several of these presidential Thank You notes makes me proud. I am proud of the carefully considered suggestions that I made, proud of our President for valuing citizen input, and proud of our Country wherein such a communication process exists. Hard to trump that, pun intended!



Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions on how to address important issues facing our Nation. I am honored to work on behalf of all Americans to grow our economy, protect our citizens, and strengthen American Leadership around the world.

When America is united, there is no challenge too great. Together we will prosper, and we will get the job done. Thank you again for your suggestions.


(signed Donald J. Trump)

A fundamental reason that President Trump has this phenomenal ability to be attentive to his entire constituency of Americans, all 200 million registered voters, is because he does not philander, tipple, or toke. I say that all future presidents should be required to pass drugs and alcohol tests, and social behavior screenings.

Caption: White House note card response

from President Donald J. Trump to Annmarie Throckmorton, 2017.

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