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Vaccination Complications

Two days after my second of two COVID-19 vaccinations, my injection site is still quite warm and pink but it is no longer hard, red, and hot to touch. I think that it is diffusing and healing, not spreading, but unsure. With all the rumors and iffy reports of serious vaccination complications, I have been quite frightened. Now, not so much, as the kids would say.

Yesterday 1 called my medical network's COVID-19 Nurse Hotline, available 24/7, to report my symptoms of a hot, red, painful injection site, lethargy, and massive body pain; but I had a lot of difficulty getting the automated phone system to put me through to a human. I kept calling back until I guessed the right options for a human, but said human firmly informed me that she is NOT a nurse and could only put me into my primary care physician's eternal-hold autosys. After arguing without success to register my adverse symptoms with a human, I blurted out, "You medical kids are awful!" and hung up. Bad me?

I could report my adverse symptoms to Report an Adverse Event (hhs.gov), but I don't want to get on any adverse government list, who knows what that could mean in the future, in these uncertain times of government power grabs.

Vaccination Complications

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021

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