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Twitch & Itch Hazmat

There was a serious chemical fire last week in Rockton, Illinois near Chicago, about a two-hour drive north and upwind of where I live, its cause unknown. When I finally saw it on the news some days later it was still a massive, roiling, fire ball of flaming grease, oil, and other toxins that the authorities had decided to draw an evacuation parameter around and let it burn out so as not to have a super-fund hazardous waste site on their hands. (Where is the EPA in all of this?) And so having no clue I worked outside in my yard the next day. I did not know why my eyes would suddenly sting like little, bitty bits of glass had flown in them, and I felt tiny, strange stings on my face and hands that made me twitch and itch. I was so startled by this and discomforted by my watering eyes and flowing nose that I stopped halfway though my task and immediately, automatically took a bath which made me feel somewhat better. When I found out that the authorities were going to let that upwind chemical fire burn out spewing fumes high into the air for seven days, I stayed inside my house that entire week. Even inside I twitched and itched all over with that fine particle particulate hazmat* that ordinary house filters do nothing to stop. (I will be toast if there is ever a bigger conflagration!)

That week I emailed the following to Dinesh Joseph D'Souza who is an Indian-American right-wing political commentator on YouTube, provocateur, author, filmmaker...whom I often watch. I thought that he might want to track this kind of thing.

My email to Dinesh Joseph D'Souza

Sorry, but I want to share this possible connection with someone, I hope I am wrong. Prayers. On the same day, this past Monday of June 14, 2021, two fuel facilities blew up; one in the United States and one in Russia: 1) explosion and anticipated 7-day fire of oil, grease, and toxins at Chemtool lubricants manufacturing plant in Rockton, IL; and 2) a massive explosion at a gas filing station in Novosibirsk City, Russia.

Coincidence or Connection?


HAZMAT is an abbreviation for “hazardous materials.”

Twitch And Itch Hazmat

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021

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