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My Joyous Friend Has Passed.

I just found out that my joyous friend has passed.

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2022

Joyce Veazey has gone on ahead.

picture from her obituary, 2022

REFERENCE for Annmarie Throckmorton

Joyce I. Veazey

7409 Hedges Avenue

Raytown, Missouri 64133-6733

September 21, 2008

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like personally to encourage any artist or school of art considering engaging Annmarie Throckmorton’s skills as an artist to by all means do so because I feel her artwork is unique, sometimes whimsical and sometimes serious. Although I have been a painter for over thirty years, Annmarie has been able to help me with my painting by teaching me some art techniques I did not know before.

She creates interesting works with watercolor, oil, pastel, and acrylic, as well as photography. She is continually updating her knowledge and skill with further training.

I first got to know Annmarie Throckmorton after I was president of the Raytown (Missouri) Artist Association where Annmarie was a member. Along with other members of our group, Annmarie showed her work at City Grounds, a coffee house that devotes a long hallway gallery to display of the work of Raytown artists. She also participated in the Raytown Arts Council's annual arts festival, and helped out in staffing our booth.

Annmarie Throckmorton secured a new venue for showing our group’s art at the YMCA. She drafted a contract of terms and then arranged for our officers to meet with the YMCA director to finalize the contract. She introduced several of our member artists to YMCA staff to help make them feel comfortable.

Annmarie worked with the YMCA Director to design a new art viewing station. After the YMCA built the new art viewing station in the YMCA lobby, Annmarie created a dozen pieces of art in a few weeks and presented the initial exhibit there herself. Her show was entitled Wild Animals in Kansas City, and was geared for a clientèle of children and adults alike. Since that time other Raytown artists have also shown their work at this new venue.

I miss Annmarie, since she has moved back to Illinois, because she is a good friend and always fun to be around and paint with.

Yours truly,

Joyce I. Veazey

Former President of Raytown Artists Association

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