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I Fell Yesterday Evening

I fell yesterday evening while changing clothes, putting on my pants one leg at a time as we mere mortals do proverbially and literally, but apparently I forgot about my feet. Sometimes my feet do seem so very far away and maybe just a little bit inconsequential, and maybe my feet suffered for my lack of attention because they tangled up and down I went. I collided with the floor at a stress level suitable for a rollercoaster ride down into a garbage pit that is on fire. Still, my seventy-four-year-old body remembered how to tumble. I twisted instantly, instinctively to land on the soft, firm muscles below my fragile hip and to roll me along the floor in a sideways somersault. So, although it was quite an appallingly shock to fall and I felt dismay at the possibility of a life-ending injury, I soon recovered with enormous surge of exhilaration when I realized that no great damage had been done, just a slightly twisted wrist.

Still, I do feel inclined to coddle and comfort myself today, aching from head to toe. And from this point forward I resolve to sit and carefully put my feet into my pants, no more standing to dress, like a stork or a ballerina as was my wont to do in life.

I Fell Yesterday Evening

pixilated by Annmarie Throckmorton 2023

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