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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Hissing When She Gets A Clipping

I subscribe to about 120 YouTube channels, and one of them is the SuriNoel channel, where I recently watched the episode "Suri's cute hissing", 1,040,714 views, Dec 19, 2017. (Suri and Noel are the mother and father cats respectively.) I enjoy this channel, even the older episodes which are in Japanese are entertaining. Mr. Butler's (pseudonym) cat management transcends language. It is a cute and clever channel, however, I seem to never miss an opportunity offer my unvarnished 2¢ worth.

My comment as Tardigrade:

Cats never pretend, cats only cry, hiss, and scratch when they are unhappy with rough handling or in pain. Please stop petting your cats so hard on top of their hip bones, no tickling their bellies which feels creepy to them, and don't hold them in vulnerable positions like on their backs. What is wrong with you? And what is wrong with the million viewers who say nothing? Hopeless, or will you treat your cats (who cannot get away from you) with respect for their needs? Other than that this is a clever, interesting channel with pretty, well-cared for cats and pleasant Butler family. Thank you. I apologize for not translating, my tablet does not have that feature. yoroshiku onegai itashi masu (best regards)

Tip: to clip cat's toenails sit on floor with cat and wrap entire cat tightly, except head and tail, in towel like a papoose. Use the back of your knee to firmly pin towel-wrapped cat to the floor so it cannot wriggle out of towel windings. Then, one by one, reach into towel and pull out each foot and clip toenails quickly so entire procedure goes quickly. Cat will cooperate by pulling each foot back into the towel as soon as you release it so you can easily pull out the next foot. Cats hate this the first time, then seem to understand that this procedure lets them hide in the towel while you clip their toenails. Flip a fold of the towel loosely over their eyes for them to hide their eyes under. Ganbatsu te (good luck)

SuriNoel YouTube channel screencapture, "Suri's cute hissing" (free use)



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