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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Gaslit And Victim Flipped

Gaslighting a person, or a group of people, is to manipulate them psychologically and/or circumstantially into questioning their own perceptions, in order to gain advantage over them. Psychopaths gaslight people to profit off of them, or for amusement, and their mental illness allows them to do so without shame, remorse, or pity. But otherwise mentally healthy people also use gaslighting as revenge for real or perceived harm done by a person, or by those types of people, in order to obtain the retribution of pain and suffering inflicted upon the gaslit victim.

For an example, see the media report: ‘Central Park Karen’ Amy Cooper says she’s ‘terrified’ to walk dog after viral 911 call. Newsflash, August 3, 2021. Source:

My heart goes out to that poor woman. The man who obviously, slyly threatened her at the edge of the forest park is a true villain, because men should not menace women in public, they should protect them. In fact people should protect each other in public regardless of sex or race. It is foundational to a healthy society that everyone is safe in the public spaces. What I see in the video cited above is a jack@$$ of a man playing that new cruel joke where you (man or woman) menace someone, for example a woman in public, then when she is thoroughly scared of you, you video her flipping out, start it where she is hysterically calling the police on your deceptive @$$, while you switch over to pretending to be the innocent victim. This is a variant of gaslighting, call it "victim flipping", but then you take your video of her fear and you post it online for the amusement and satisfaction of a worldwide audience. She is humiliated and you are a gaslighter and the world is on fire with it.

Further, organized groups of abusers can deliberately use victim flipping as one group against another, for example one race against another race, or one type of sexuality against another type of sexuality. Humanity is currently being gaslight, worldwide, into believing that some groups of people living today should be punished at every opportunity for the crimes of prior generations, to whom neither victims nor abusers were personally related, hundreds of years ago. A cruel joke.


by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021

(animated & still frame)



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