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Broken Toe

My broken toe, the last joint of which floats without connection to the rest of my left foot, has meant that my left foot slops around a little in my shoe, and my step on that side is never as confident, does not grip correctly. It does not help that my left side is at least ½ inch shorter than my right side (which is a story for another time but mother was in it.)

I broke my toe when I was a teenager, running home in the dusk after playing board games at a neighbor's house. I stubbed my toe on something hard and heavy in the path around our house (who put that there?) and I felt the crunch of my toe breaking. When I asked my mother for medical care, I was not sure what kind as I had never been to a doctor and very rarely to a clinic, she refused saying, "That's not important." I argued a little, saying, "It's important to me." but she had already turned away. I did not know to simply bind the broken toe to the toe next to it. Now it is ugly.

My thick, green wool, floral carpet was a centerpiece in my living room for years, I should have moved it with me here to Maine. Ah well, I have the memories.

My Broken Toe Bone Floats Without Connection

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2022



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