• Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

A Clock From Sri Lanka

I wanted a clock that was made in Sri Lanka*, what fun! What I got was worthless. The following is the gist of my complaint to Etsy.com.

1. The clock was advertised as "ships from Sri Lanka" which I misread as made in Sri Lanka. It did not come from Sri Lanka, it shipped from China Post. There are many, many made-in-China clocks, nothing special about that.

2. The clock is defective in that it does not have a plastic cover over the clock hands to protect them, which has been a standard component of clocks for over a hundred years. The fragile balsa wood clock hands are exposed and are likely to be damaged, especially as the base of the clock is too narrow and the clock tends to roll. The engineering is just all wrong on this clock.

3. The inside mechanisms of this clock are the cheapest that I have ever seen, there is no way that this clock will last very long. For $37.3 I expect better quality.

4. The packaged clock arrived crushed with dents, which suggests mishandling that may also have damaged the clock.

I asked Etsy to please send me a SASE so that I could return the defective clock to them ASAP. I said thank you.

Initial Reply from Etsy Conversations <conversations@mail.etsy.com>

How about the clock?

Did you receive it on time?

Thank you.

A few weeks later, after various protestations from Etsy and then their offer of half a refund, my credit card company issued a full credit for this clock to my account.


* Sri Lanka means the blessed island of Lanka, it is located south of India.

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