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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

With My Own Two Eyes I Saw Old Glory On The Ground

Comments I posted on "Rapinoe's Advice For President Trump | The News & Why It Matters Ep. 327 " by BlazeTV, July 11, 2019.


With my own two eyes, the women's soccer team did not "drop" the American flag, they threw it to the ground to avoid having that symbol of our country's pride in their victory photo. Shows they were playing only for themselves, not our country.

nomda ploom

What did you see?


Rapinoe pushed/gestured to get American flag out of camera view for group victory jump photo without it, athlete holding the flag tried to throw flag aside to the ground but she got tangled in flag and trampled it a little to get free of it, then a third athlete swooped in immediately to pick up flag from ground. Sole problem is two athletes, who were playing for America and sponsored by America, at the moment of celebrating victory, violated protocol for handling of our flag and threw that symbol of the unity of America (the flag) on the ground to get a good photo of themselves alone. That is my recollection of what I saw on the news. The disrespect of those two athletes for our country saddens me. They could fix the entire problem with one nice apology, unless there is something deeper here and they actually hate our country/flag. A heartfelt apology would soothe it all for me, they could wear Old Glory across their shoulders for sincerity.

nomda ploom

@AdroitWaterBear Thank you for your very concise response. I saw exactly the same as you and, frankly, it was disgraceful. From her subsequent comments, I have concluded that her act was deliberate and that she has no love for either your flag or your country. She's just one more indoctrinated lefty who can't think for herself and is desperate to promote her own agenda. Her fifteen minutes of fame are over and hopefully, on the basis of her ungracious and shameful behaviour, they will never be repeated.

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Partial video of incident: "Rapinoe stomped on the American Flag?" by ABC 10 News, July 10, 2019

Note that this video by ABC was cut just before the victory jump shot so as not to show their feet landing on the flag.

Lies of omission are still lies. The media lies.

Caption: American Women's Soccer Victory Without Old Glory

comments posted by Annmarie Throckmorton 07-12-19

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