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Best Easy Peanut Butter Fish Cakes Recipe

My mother made fish cakes, my grandmother made fish cakes, and her mother before her made fish cakes, so not surprisingly I enjoy making light, lovely, tasty fish cakes. After half a century of making fish cakes about once a month I had my fish cakes recipe down pat (pun intended). Then one day I started to make fish cakes but when I went to add the final ingredient of crackers I found that I was all out of my usual saltine crackers. All I had were some peanut butter snack crackers. With gustatory abandon I loosely crumbled the peanut butter snack crackers into my tuna and egg mixture, patted out my fish cakes, and fried them in butter. Amazing! I like them even better than my old recipe. I imagine that one could even add a little fruit jam to the mix for PB&J fish cakes, delighting the young and young at heart alike!


(Make enough to have leftovers because fish cakes are just as good served chilled the next day, with a little cucumber sauce.)

whisk two eggs

drain oil from one can of good quality tuna, and add to eggs (do not overmix so tuna stays chunky)

loosely crumble crackers, apparently almost any kind will do

combine crumbled crackers into tuna and egg mixture (do not overmix to keep fish cakes light)

lightly pat out palm-sized fish cakes

fry in butter on both sides, until outside is crunchy but center is still soft and moist.

Caption: Best Easy Peanut Butter Fish Cakes Recipe

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

(Today was a bad day for my tremors and neuropathy,

and this blurry image is the best photograph I could get. Aging is disappointing.)


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