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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

No Blue Balls For Blue Eyes

I often read comments online bemoaning the fact that white culture is being "replaced", "stolen", "degraded". Interestingly in the 20th century the reverse was an often heard complaint of other cultures, from Native American Indian culture, from Black culture, etc., "Whites stole our music, they stole our style, they stole our culture", in a perceptual seesaw of who took what from whom. But what has been known since the mid-twentieth century when I studied demography at university is that white population rates are declining worldwide.* And, I suppose white culture is declining with it, our customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements. To be replaced with what remains to be seen by others younger than me.

My sad thought is that many white men forfeited their white culture in the last half of the twentieth century when, for the first time in the history of humanity, they abandoned the role of husband in order to hold back their entire income from women and children and keep it for themselves. Not surprisingly white men were discomforted by this new MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) trajectory, and appear to have distracted themselves from regret with drugs, alcohol, and online pornography. Then they blamed their failure at matrimony on feminism, which was easy because they redefined feminism every which way to suit their purpose. But the fact remained that white men did not marry, white women did not produce white children, ergo, the white population declined. Curiously, white women as a population did not accept the government as a replacement for white men and did not continue to produce white children on the taxpayer tab as other cultures have done.

Also in the twentieth century, for the first time in the history of humanity, white men could get their sexual needs met outside of marriage, with anonymity and without repercussion. And they did so en masse, first with dirty magazines and films in the fifties, then with free love (sex) in the sixties, and more of all of it in the seventies as formerly wholesome, family-oriented white women tried to keep up with the purveyors of smut, and be attractive to white men. Then in the eighties online sites published pornography fit for the devil himself and most white women gave up; and white men who had taken that sexual, cultural journey had developed mental attitudes toward white women that caused them to decided not to marry. Many white men had tossed off their blue balls for a new blue culture of smut in which they had no sexual need for white women. White culture turned from white to blue in less than fifty decades. These white men covered over their blue interior thoughts by vociferously saying that they could not find a good white woman because white women were all man-hating feminists for wanting equal pay for equal work and protection from domestic abuse. Many white women who tried to find a white man with whom to safely raise a family in this new blue culture could not find a white man who was not addicted to pornography, including child pornography, bestiality, and snuff films, and otherwise compromised by drug and alcohol addictions. I am simply speaking from experience in this matter.** As a demographer this concerns me, as a white woman this saddens me. I detest the new blue culture that replaced the old white culture. I hope very much that I am incorrect in this sociological assessment.

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* See: "Is The Caucasian Race Dying? White, European And Endangered", by Karin Friedemann, Khaleej Times, 5-13-9. "Demographic predictions... .White people have not been reproducing at replacement levels."


** Just three examples from the many effects of pornography in my life are as follows. One man forced me to see a short film of his rape of another innocent woman (he had already raped me repeatedly), all of which frightened me badly. Another man who considered himself a devout Christian insisted that I not let my miniature dog jump on my lap because he had seen bestiality films that started that way. Another man proposed marriage to me while disclosing that his sister was in the adult film industry, so my answer was no. So yes, white men's use of pornographic media has turned White Culture Blue and this has degraded my life and the lives of other White Women by warping the minds of the White Men around us.

NOTE: My interest in the foregoing analysis is to consider what has happened to White Culture, and is by no means intended to be a comprehensive cultural review of the world. That is a task for others who are positioned and paid to do it, and they should grow a pair (balls or breasts as the case may be) and start publishing publicly.

Caption: No Blue Balls For Blue Eyes

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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