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Let Me Tell You About Some Work I Have Done.

I wrote wonderful books on how to build grain dryers and I have placed selections here for the sake of history. This is the kind of work that a twentieth century woman did. The company GSI sent my books along with the dryer part bundles when they shipped their product throughout the world. In countries where English was not a first language, the construction workers used my old-style shop manuals to see what parts went where with what. My manager would simply give me the title of whichever book he wanted me to write next, and I would conceptualize it, structure it, work with the construction crew to document and photograph it, then write up the text and layout the photographs in sequence.

I tossed my binder copies into the bin today because that is part of letting go to move on in life. I have the memories. I had a high mechanical aptitude, I loved it, and I got to work with it in a creative way. I am pleased.

Caption: The following are a sampling of photographs that I took while working as a Technical Writer for GSI, Grain Systems, from October 1997 to March 1999. The men at their work seem very beautiful to me, the work they do is fundamental and worthy of solid pride.

My job was to research and write grain dryer construction and electrical manuals (100+ & 300+ pages each.) Interview and write step-by-step assembly process. Photograph each step and close-ups of all dryer parts. Work with vice presidents, managers, engineers, and construction workers for plain, practical construction phrasing, terminology, and safety.

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