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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Resolving Shoulder Pain

Pain in my shoulders is impairing my ability to dress. Every time I reach around myself or lift my arms, I have piercing pain following by a deep sustained ache. For the umpteenth time I have sought medical help. They are quite good at imaging, but can they ever HELP me?

Aside from the problem of pain, it is certainly interesting to see the structure of bone, ligament, tissue, etcetera that comprises my body. As most who had ever seen an x-ray have said, it is "miraculous". My body in flimsy black and white seems so meticulous formed, so improbable, yet so obviously manifest. My question is: Why such a fragile design?

Caption: Ann Throckmorton shoulder x-rays on 12-20-18 (sic)

Note: If the medical profession cannot even get my first name correctly spelled, what other chart record errors are they making? This medical facility spelled my first name three (3) different ways, Ann, Ann Marie, and correctly as Annmarie. I find many, many errors in my medical records: false facts, misquotes, and outright lies which tend to be in the category of the medical professional claiming to have "discussed" some ailment with me that they did not even mention to me. This happens time and time again, ever since the advent of computerized recordkeeping.


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