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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Opening A God's Handbag

The Anunnaki* were believed to have been extraterrestrial gods who came to Earth long ago for reasons that have become confounded in time. Some believe the Anunnaki gave humanity knowledge, others suspect they interfered with or perhaps improved upon humanity's DNA thus creating modern man. No one knows but representations of Anunnakis' have been discovered in the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia, and in numerous other sites throughout the world, and they are always depicted rather stiffly carrying handbags, the function of which has not yet been explained. Here are some ideas of how this piece of equipment might have been used. Or perhaps the handbag functioned as a multipurpose tool, materializing in whatever mode was needed in the moment. Speculations on what one might find upon opening an Anunnaki's handbag include:

ditty bag with change of clothing

simple satchel for found objects

fire pouch with embers for campfire, and/or incense burner

a kamandalu which is an Indian water pot used for storing drinking water, and represents a simple and self-contained life

retro book bag to carry devices loaded with life DNA schematics, wiki-galactica, and cloud communicator

wallet holding primarily galactic cash, credit chip, and some coin of the local realm

toilet paper, as it was not always readily available

man purse for cosmetics, handkerchief, fragrances, etcetera

key case

bag of gifts-good gods

bag of tricks-bad gods

stash for consciousness expanding/mind altering substances

Easter basket



water canteen/water pail

seed bag


makeup kit

medical kit

briefcase of balls, and other comedic props to amuse and "tame" the native Earthlings, such as a rubber chicken, red ball nose, false mustachios, etc.

nuclear football

traveling sales representative's product case with samples, trinkets to trade, contracts and other legal documents

atmospheric-modification mini-tank

carrying case for the "pinecone" device that the Anunnakis hold, i.e., satchel and pineal cone which are the holder and giver of knowledge respectively

power relay with pyramids as power source

anti-gravity power pack for lifting stones onto megalithic structures at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, the stone henges of the British Isles, Sacsayhuaman and other massive stone structures in Peru, dolmens throughout the North Caucasus of Russia, stone circles throughout Africa, and numerous other locations throughout the world.

In the case of the anti-gravity power pack for lifting stones mode, there appears there might have been a thumb-activated ON-OFF button on the handbag handle because the Anunnaki typically place their thumb in an odd position at a certain point along their handbag's handle. The controller might have been the "pinecone" device held in the other hand, with additional adjustments possible on the "bracelet". The function of the very muscular, even "bionic" appearing left leg of the Anunnaki is unknown.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

* "The Anunnaki...are a group of deities that appear in the mythological traditions of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. ..." Source:

Caption: Anunnaki carrying stone and handbag

screen capture from Mars Moon Space TV, attribution unknown

Caption: Anunnaki handbag and bracelet

screen capture from Mars Moon Space TV-CLOSE UP

Caption: Anunnaki with wings, handbag (bucket)

aspergillum (pinecone/pineal gland), bracelet and "bionic" leg

attribution unknown

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