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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

My Work At Phogenix Imaging

If I do not post examples of the work that I did, no one will know what I was capable of doing.

(Phogenix ceased operations over a decade ago.)

As Senior Technical Writer/Photo Illustrator from 06/01 to 04/02, I was contracted by Aerotek to Phogenix Imaging (a joint-venture subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard and Kodak) to document research and design of prototype high speed printer. I worked with mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer hardware designers, programmers, and circuitry builders to write or co-author manuals and job instructions.

I provided step-by-step photo illustrations for many of these documents. I diagrammed and captioned the photo-illustrations to create clear, illustrative images of people, metal parts, plastic parts, wires; and at various range of distance: very large (room-sized view) and very small (e.g., close-up of portions of electrical circuit boards.) In this case, a photo-illustration was worth “a thousand words”.

I provided support documentation for R & D manufacturing engineering in design/build of prototype Digital Inkjet Photofinishing System & System Data Manager (SDM). I wrote manuals documenting top-level assembly of: SDM computer & media devices, Print Engine, Ink Supply Station, Rollfeed, Conveyors, Laminator, Embosser, Cutters, Transports, Stacker, Covers, PCBs, Pacificos, MUX boards, sensors, power supplies, other electrical components, and cable harnessing into chassis. I interviewed engineers and technicians to compose text. I photographed step-by-step illustrations.

And, I...

Maintained a library of shop photos & instruction manuals of subassemblies, parts, & installations, for general use by manufacturing staff. Maintained photos and instruction manuals in paper archive, and on company network.

Provide designers with reference photos of parts, subassemblies, and fit of parts, upon request.

Provided some of these reference photos for teams in Germany and Singapore.

Took photos for engineering reports, e.g., photos of damage or engineering changes.

Write Instruction Sheets and illustrated with photos, e.g., Procedure to Flash Pacificos.

Provided over-views of layout of circuitry and/or parts, for developer's reference.

Provided close-ups of circuitry, e.g., TEMP-CNT resistor modifications, for developer's reference.

Maintained Instruction Manual Tracking Log (assigning numbers to over 50 engineering documents).

Wrote Top Level Installation Manuals (Printer & System Data Manager) and illustrated with step-by-step photographs.

I interviewed each team regarding their installation kit, i.e., hardware and attachments used to install subassembly into chassis and any special tools, drawings of overall subassembly, installation drawings, and other, e.g., electrical schematics, wire harness locations, label locations, as these documents are created. I wrote manuals and sequential photographs showing installation of subassemblies into the chassis.

These manuals were used in the following ways:

  • Manufacturing used it as a reference in future development of the product.

  • Engineers, Designers, and Technicians used it as a current reference of all teams' work in progress.

  • Service & Repair used it as source material for service and repair documentation.

  • Some of my shop photos were used in sales literature.

  • At the subassembly stage, assemblers used the above as a learning aid.

Skill Set: Logical, accurate, precise, teamwork, self-starter, will write original documentation. Conceptualize, research, write, & illustrate documentation. Have excellent soft skills, negotiation and interviewing of Subject Matter Experts. Read blueprints and diagrams readily. Extensive desktop publishing skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, Adobe PageMaker & PhotoShop, Lotus Notes with Database. Expert in digital imaging. Will work with any software or camera provided; learn new programs easily.

  • Professional writer with many years of work experience in industry, government, education, & business.

  • Experienced writer, accustomed to working in many different kinds of technical environments, plant floor and office work environment; on-site and/or off-site.

  • Work effectively with management at all levels, engineers, and technicians;

  • independently or teamwork.

  • Enjoy teamwork, but am also self-starting and detail-oriented.

  • Proficient in researching and writing technical documentation.

  • Ability to learn and produce quickly.

  • Analyze customer needs and develop concise, appropriate solutions that range from installation, assembly and construction manuals, to grants, to standard operating procedures, to policy and procedures, to instruction or sales information sheets.

  • Extensive safety training (taught MSDS sessions).

  • Strong in analytical, organizational, communication, and writing skills.

  • Efficient, and highly competent in setting goals and objectives.

  • Write in plain, practical terms. Communicate clearly and succinctly.

  • Research, interpret, and document information and procedures in compliance with established formats.

  • Interpret and apply rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.


A girlfriend took this strange photo of me during the time I worked at Phogenix.

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