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Yoga Mat For My Cat

What I wanted was a pretty yoga mat of my own design to lay out in the middle of my living room. I hoped that it might help me recover some of the yoga moves that used to feel so good. It might make me feel healthy again. What I got was yet another not-as-advertised, unsatisfactory product.

So I emailed Zazzle, the point-of-sale vendor, the following email to request a return label and refund because they had ruined my wonderful, whimsical design, Yoga Mat Of Blueberries


Zazzle Customer Service,

When I received my Yoga Mat-Create Your Own Design, made by Zazzle Home in Reno, Nevada, I found that this yoga mat is (1) so very badly printed that my own original design is obscured in a horrible dull gray blue, it is so faint that my vivid color and distinct design are lost. The mat is very ugly as printed. My design was beautiful (see attached image of it.) I am sad and disappointed. (2) And, the mat is much too hard for exercise, you might as well use the bare floor. (3) And, the mat arrived damaged with a small white scratch on the printed surface that indicates that the printing will soon wear off. This is also unsatisfactory as exercise mats must be durable. (Later note: my cat promptly made the yoga mat one of her favorite resting places and has put many more white scratches on it.) Please provide a return mailing label so that I can mail this badly printed yoga mat back to Zazzle for inspection, and refund $47.59 to my Chase VISA card #3370. Thank you.

Zazzle knows the value of this yoga mat so they declined my offer to mail it back to them, and they gave me a refund in full with relatively little fuss. So now I have a free, ugly yoga mat for my cat. Frustrating.

Yoga Mat Of Blueberries

designed by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021

-badly printed yoga mat as received by Annmarie Throckmorton-

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