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Licorice Via Postal Service or UFO?

Well, I had COVID-19 in November/December of 2019, and I lived to tell the tale, if barely. Over a year later, here in Illinois, we are all still on a masked "lockdown" that is voluntarily adhered to by everyone. It is referred to as "the circumstance" because by now the very word COVID is abhorrent. Due to the circumstances I do not go out and no one visits me, for the past year no one. Before COVID-19 I went out almost daily, for various activities, had numerous casual friends, and a couple of good friends. Now once a week I put on a mask, go out to get my groceries and sundries, and come home. I cannot breath wearing a mask. No one else is complaining, silent with their blank eyes above masked mouths. For all I know people are even wearing masks in the shower. (Pardon my hyperbole.) No double-masking yet. My high point of this week was receiving a delightful assortment of licorice via the postal service. God, I am lonely.

Over thinking before eating some of my little licorice confections, I noticed that one of the pieces of white licorice had markings on top of it, a red curlicue and a black saucer-shape with a white dot, obviously artifacts of the manufacturing process. But the squiggles put me in mind of the Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England incident in 1980, when two USAF personnel examined strange hieroglyphics on a UFO that had landed there in the night. I am really bored. I am over halfway through the 191 episodes of Ancient Aliens and I have already watched Project Blue Book series in its entirety. Still lonely. And becoming slightly ludicrous.

Licorice Marked By Aliens?

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021



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