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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Dispelling Trauma

I recently learned a wonderful technique for dispelling trauma. The way it works is that whenever I realize that I have sunk into an episode of post traumatic stress, about something awful in the past that is done and over, I use my eyes to escape it. Just as when running from a fearsome predator one would dart one's eyes rapidly from right to left and up, down and around to find one's path to safety, I dart my eyes up, down, and all around, then quickly focus on the farthest point in the distance, making it my safe spot. I do this Darting Eyes for just a few seconds, about as long as one could run full speed, and it makes the trauma, my unfounded fear, a bad feeling, or an unhappy recollection of something in the past simply disappear. Of course, I cooperate and refused to let that stress and trauma back into me.

Dispelling Trauma by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021

Dispelling Trauma

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021



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