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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Who Would You Choose To Help In The Past?

"If you could go back in time to help one person, who would you choose?"

Mulling this over I realize that in my old age I do not know enough about most people's lives to help them. It is very rare that someone asks me for advise and encouragement, I give it on a catch-as-catch-can basis. Occasionally I find someone receptive to being helped.

It is even less likely now that anyone will accept a physical assist from me, probably due to my obvious infirmities. And, I have no cash to give which is also probably quite obvious. For the first fifty years of my life I thought that I did, and I enthusiastically donated time and money to many sorts of charities. Throughout each year I also made a point to personally give to some ones who were in need. That was a disservice to my own wellbeing, but I am glad that I was altruistic enough to give money, time, and kindness to others when I did not have enough to keep myself safely in this world. It was a fine experience.

As for the very important people who have a place in history, they are hard to help as they are sealed off from the rest of humanity with high-octane security and powerful protocols. They do not mix with the hoi polloi, except for an occasional dalliance now and then when they notice some unwealthy person who is especially attractive, clever, and/or skilled in an interesting way, then they pick you up for just a little while to entertain themselves. In my experience they do not help you. Sometimes the public gets the notion from the media that VIPs need help, and be that propaganda as it may, I could not help them if I wanted to. I do not think I could safely involve myself with them. I would certainly not break the law to access them to give them my idea of help which would probably be unwelcome anyway.

There is also the fact that because I am old and ailing, I do not feel up to the task. For example, to help humanity by saving a key figure in the timeline is the stuff of science fiction movies, not even a philosophical consideration for me now. Had I considered the question of "Who Would You Choose To Help In The Past?" when I was young or even middle-aged, I am certain that my answer would have been very different. Very likely it would have been hard to choose just one person to help as my goodwill was quite extensive then.

As for warning someone about wars and disasters that are in the history books now but were pending in the past, who would believe me? This is an exercise in futility.

I do, however, wish so very much that I could slide back in time for just a moment to give my idealistic, helpful, young self some words of advise. I would say, "Protect yourself. Do not waste time on people who are tangled up in mental health issues, drugs, alcohol, lies, and other vices, you cannot help them, and they will hurt you. Get away from them as quickly as possible."

Caption: Who Would You Choose To Help In The Past?

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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