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John Mark proclaims on his website "Mark My Words":

"Revolution Comes! “We are the the (sic) most important intellectual movement of the era – the Marxism of the 21st century – and it’s complete"

As my avatar AdroitWaterBear I responded to John Mark's call to get rid of Big Government:

John Mark. In your Propertarianistic world what provisions will you make for the elderly, the physically/mentally disabled, the intellectually ungifted? That vast group of unfortunates, and you or I would be one of them but for the grace of God/Luck, have been traditionally cared for by Big Government exactly because they have nothing to offer to a social contract. They are bereft of Goods to give.

WARNING: History has tended to judge societies by how they treat the least among them.

John Mark made no response other than to delete my post, which is not surprising considering he is advocating revolution from behind the mask of a motorcycle helmet. "Propertarianism, or proprietarianism, is a right-libertarian ethical philosophy that advocates the replacement of states with contractual relationships. Propertarian ideals are most commonly cited to advocate for a state or other governance body whose main or only job is to enforce contracts and private property."

Caption: John Mark's Youtube channel, "Mark My Words" 2019

noncommercial, free use screen capture

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