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Unrestful Day Of Rest

I checked out another free image framing application on my Kindle HD8. Most of the features were worthless as is typical with these free apps, but I did find an old-fashioned style frame I like, and put it around my pretty house.

Ohhh, I wish I had time to play with more images, to make some art. I have the beginning thoughts for some horses, the colors will be gold, silver, dark blue, and pale blue. I wonder what composition will form across my keyboard as I create my herd of dream horses! It has been years since I drew a horse. I used to ride horses, and working with their images evokes pleasant memories.

Sunday is my day of rest and relaxation, but more than to rest, I want to advance my late father’s nursing home neglect lawsuit, to get it finished. To do that I must create legal filings instead of artwork. Sooo, that is all she wrote, today. Awww.

Caption: 1313 Towanda Avenue, Bloomington, Illinois, USA

by homeowner Annmarie Throckmorton 2017

(I will miss my pretty little house when I sell it next year, it is too big for me now.)

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