Around The World—New Year's Resolution For 2019

My New Year's Resolution for 2019 is not to be healthier, be nicer, work smarter, stay happier, or some other falderal that one should be doing everyday anyway, nope, not this year. I have made those sorts of self-improvement resolutions in the past and I usually kept them with good results, so enough. Time for some fun. In this New Year 2019 I am going to digitally visit a new country every day for as long as they last! Then I will explore the arctics, some islands, the ocean floor, maybe the moon, and so on. I plan to use my new deluxe Goggle Earth Pro on days when I have a lot of time to explore, and for a quick-look day, I found the following list which has links to fun facts for eac

Camping In Winter

It is not uncommon for the first snow to fall as late January in the Midwest, and no snow was forecast or fell in Illinois on Christmas 2018. Children were probably disappointed and the young at heart too. It was a little silly for me to be disappointed because snow and ice make driving so difficult, but there it was, I was disappointed. I love bright sparkling of snow, how it softens sound. I love the invigorating touch of it before I run inside where it is warm. Snow makes me cheerful. So I entertained myself with a favorite snow memory as follows. Once long ago in early winter, I was headed north into the beautiful Minnesota woods, with its shining 10,000 lakes, fragrant pines, and


Each year my pain is worse, all sorts of pain, with assorted causes, it keeps getting worse. I am also losing function, which is probably to be expected with the years that I am carrying, but I am not ready for it. So as a 2018 New Year's Resolution to try to ameliorate my pains, I asked my primary care physician if something could be done for my injured shoulders (from when my father abruptly decided to sit while I was braced supporting his hands as he was pulling himself out of his wheelchair and he yanked my arms against their sockets.) My PCP referred me to a specialist, who prescribed a first step of a five day course of Medrol (Methylprednisolone) 4 MG PAK TAB, which is a corticoste

Making Do

As the vast majority on this Earth know, in a life without money the thing to do is to make do. For the last half century I have held my pride and my nose and picked over the sometimes smelly, sticky, or oddly used things offered up in thrift shops or garage sales. Sometimes I found a treasure in the shabby trove. In the seventies when I was just starting my adult life, thrift shops were wonderful little mom and pop enterprises, the proprietors of which would bargain with me, and then sometimes generously give me what I wanted for pennies on the dollar. I bought many used books (10¢ for a paperback, 25¢ for a hardback book) to establish my home library, an entire living room full of clas

Quaff The Bitter Cup Of Age

One must quaff the bitter cup of age, slug it down. Drink to the dregs of infirmity. One has no choice, but these "golden years" are not as sweet as promised. 'twas all a pretty, careless lie. Caption: Quaff The Bitter Cup Of Age by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

A bear chased my grandmother out of the woods.

Since she survived without a scratch, there are a couple of funny things about a bear chasing Grandma Throcky out of the woods. First, Grandma Throcky was an extraordinarily competent woman, so for her to have to run from anything is funny in and of itself. She could single-handedly row a boat in and out of narrow docks or a reedy shore (as could I in my prime). She could start an outboard motor which most women could not, would not do as the rope is hard to pull and hurts your hands, and the motor sometimes kicks back. She played the organ in church for most of her adult life. She kept a spotless house, even the closets. She cooked effortlessly, even when dinner guests were unexpected

Merry Christmas 2018 !!!

For want of family on this sacred holiday, I gave myself some small solace in cooking exciting food from all around the world: premium cooked ham — mystery but the tin claims to have been inspected in the USA sweet potatoes in syrup — USA dark morello cherries — Hungary peaches with cinnamon — Greece Terry's Chocolate Orange — Poland Danish Butter Cookies — Denmark Maple Leaf Cream Cookies, made with real maple syrup — Canada The Dream: Spending my Christmas day baking cherry bread, and peach cobbler. Ah, the smell of fresh baked wheat and simmering fruit. My late, great friend Larry Reyka would have loved another slice of my peach cobbler. I wish I could have cooked for kith and kin tod

Christmas Eve 2018 !!!

I am so glad that I went all out in preparing holiday celebrations for my parents in the last years that I had them here in life with me. Ooft, I have such good memories. I have other wonderful Christmas memories too, from places far away and people long ago. For good cheer on my solo Christmas Eve this year, I bought seafood. There will be more than enough leftover for New Year's Eve also, which is when I traditionally prepared seafood. This year I bought frozen "oven crispy" SeaPak popcorn shrimp and crab poppers which are "wild caught blue crab cheese & jalapeño peppers in a crunchy beer batter, includes citrus tartar sauce". I have lemons for fresh-made lemonade to toast the new yea

He said That He Had Had A Shipmate With Him In The South Pacific

In San Diego, after the sailor showed me his yacht, we talked for awhile on shore at a pleasant restaurant, drinking tea and eating dim sum. He was stingy in ordering the tasty, bite-sized portions from the carts that pretty Asian girls wheeled through the large, open-air restaurant. He insisted on paying but he would only order the little bits of the dim sum that he preferred, and he gave me one for every two he ate. He would not let me buy my own. It was curious control. I was more interested in his sea stories than dim sum, so I let it slide. I love the ocean and enjoy tales of travel. I enjoyed the background murmurs of the many diners, and the subtle oriental music was relaxing. T

A Moai Resting Above My Draperies

This shadow of a resting Moai is exactly as it appears on my wall, how droll. Caption: Shadow Of A Moai Resting Above My Draperies photograph by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018 (This image is unaltered.) Caption: Moai statues of Easter Island Moai are monolithic human figures sculpted on Easter Island a long time ago. (Image is open sourced 2018.)

Green Man

For a quite while I have intended to capture the little green man* hiding in my draperies, but when I had time the light was not right, and when the light was right I did not have the time. Photography is often like that. Today light and time met serendipitously, and I captured him. See him nose down in the draperies? This image is exactly as it appears on my draperies. If you look in the following close up you will see him highlighted in green. Today is the Winter Solstice, the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of 2018. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... * "A Green Man is a sculpture or other representation of a face surrounded by or made from leav

Winter Spider

Each year as fall turns to winter, there is an influx of sensitive insects and whatnot fleeing the chill into my warm house, seizing their opportunity through the cat door. Most of them I wrap in a tissue and let loose into the garage. I know it is not enough to keep them alive through the winter but maybe it gives them a few extra weeks of life. This year a fuzzy winter spider took possession of my master bathroom, which I took exception to when it made a determined eight-legged walk toward my bare toes as I sat answering nature's requirements. I gave a firm rap on the floor a few inches in front of its eye clusters so I am sure that it both heard and saw me but it stood its ground. I

Polymath Evelyn Berezin died at age 93 (April 12, 1925 – December 8, 2018)

QUOTE OF THE DAY “Without Ms. Berezin, there would be no Bill Gates, no Steve Jobs, no internet, no word processors, no spreadsheets; nothing that remotely connects business with the 21st century.” by Writer Gwyn Headley See also: (But it has no photo and is not comprehensive.) The following is eprinted from The New York Times online article: by Barton Silverman/The New York Times, December 10, 2018 "Evelyn Berezin, a computer pioneer who emancipa

A Moose For Larry Reyka

Larry was my best friend for a very long time. I still miss him, and someday I hope to fill in the words of how wonderful he was in my life. I remember how I meet him, and I remember the last time that I saw him—but it is too difficult to put into words, at least for now. Larry loved moose, amazingly he identified with them. So in memory of Larry, here is the most beautiful moose that I have ever seen. Lawrence (Larry) Reyka 1946—2003 Caption: A beautiful rare white moose takes a deep dip in a Swedish lake. screen captures from video by Hans Nilsson, and many other places online.

We come + L = Welcome

During this holiday season I am bereft of human companionship, and like so many other solitaries before me I have sought solace in playing with words and ideas. I observed the following, and when I get to where I want to be, I hope to put it into practice. They arrived and said, “We come.” They were greeted with, “Welcome.”, which adds an L and Love. Caption: We come + Love = Welcome by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

It’s A Riot

Twice in life I have been walking into a town to go about my business when wild young men sped past me into town, yelling, “It’s A Riot!!!” It was unclear whether they were warning me off or inviting me to join in. The first time this happened was when I was a United States Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa and locals in the capital of Bamako protested something, I never found out what. The second time was when I was a graduate student at Ohio State University and locals protested something, I never found out what. My standard response to “It’s A Riot!!!” is to run home. And I did. Caption: It’s A Riot by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

Trying Not To Curse

The irony is that just as one reaches the pinnacle of self-development, and is replete with hard-honed skills, finely tuned insights, and solid abilities, then one’s filters become unhinged and one loses the ability to fully implement them. Case in point: on all too frequent occasions when I am annoyed, I can feel curse words forming in my mind, a problem I did not have for over half a century because I am considerate of others and I am able to express myself in many other ways, so of course I censored the curse words, I implemented my filters. Funny thing happens now, the swear words burst out with increased vigor as if in defiance of my weak, old filters. I have tried repeatedly to curb

Vroom, Vroom, Phffft

Some of my old friends (late seventies) recently treated themselves to expensive new cars but they cannot drive them because the computerized controls are too complicated., too flaky, too obscure, and the controls are too small to see. I do not know what to make of this, except that my heart goes out to this couple. He was a commercial airplane pilot, she was a nurse and mother, and they both worked long and hard for their good life. Now their old pleasures are being phased out by new technology. Although I too would like a shiny new car, excessive computerization such as the distractions of: internet access, navigation systems, wifi, bluetooth, keyless entry, remote starting, anti-theft

Get Out Of Jail Free Card?

What will it be? Will the former 7th director of the United States of America Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Brien Comey Jr., be charged with FISA abuses, malfeasance, conspiracy to overthrow the government, all of the above? Or is there A Get Out Of Jail To Free The Rich Guy Card on the table for him? My online comment was soon deleted: I wrote, “At the beginning, at 0:08 where he backs up to the wall (what a metaphor), you can see how Comey REALLY feels about all this, a micro-burst of fear grimaced across his face.” Source: “Comey speaks to reporters after House GOP questioning”, Fox News 12-07-18. Caption: screen capture of f

Cantilevered Cat On A Plate

Cantilever the puns alone. Caption: Cantilevered Cat On A Plate commissioned oil painting by Annmarie Throckmorton 1999

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