Same Tired Old Problems

It does not surprise me that my family members undermine me instead of helping me. Strong women (and men) over time and throughout the world have labored under these same tired, old problems. Caption: Same Tired Old Problems by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

The Opportunity For Solitude

My parents bought me something almost no woman on earth ever attains, solitude. Their subconscious intent may have been to isolate me, for reasons I have considered at length, elsewhere, and at other times, but the effect has been to allow me to enjoy what I crave, solitude. Solitude gives one the opportunity to truly think. Caption: The Opportunity For Solitude by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

My First Airplane Ride

I was five, my sister was two, and mother was frightened, so it was just father and I going up, up, up in the pontoon prop plane in Bemidji, Minnesota. I remember how excited father and I were to roar over the water, and then up, up, up over Lake Bemidji. I have loved flying ever since. After that the concrete statues of lumberjack Paul Bunyan, big as a mountain and strong as a grizzly bear, and his gigantic blue ox Babe seemed like small potatoes. Caption: My First Airplane Ride In A Pontoon Prop Plane composite by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018.jpg


Punny Joke For The Day: I'd tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction. I loved my gentle giant friend, David Yanosko for the decade that I lived in Columbus, Ohio, and still do in a way, although we no longer speak for a nexus of reasons having to do mainly with the passage of time, the distance between us, and the peculiarities of aging. In many, many ways he was my hero. From the moment that I met him, I saw David’s six foot six inch value. I have had several lovers in life but my friend David is the one I look back toward with longing. David was amazingly handsome when he was younger. His mother, who lived in Pittsburg with his sister Ruth, showed me his fair-hai

It is tax time and I OBJECT!

Caption: My home is paid in full, but the real estate tax means that I am actually renting it from the county for $190/month — Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

A Free Weekend In Florida

An oversized postcard came in the mail a few decades ago that read something to the effect that if I, “Tour our fabulous condominiums in Great Lakes Paradise Retirement Manor Community (not the real name), then we will give you a free weekend in Florida!” I had already been to Florida, but I thought that I would like to go again. On the postcard was a little map, showing the lovely white Great Lakes Paradise condos elegantly laid out in dreamlike pastel watercolors amongst tree-lined ponds. But I sensed it was a fraud. I forget the particulars, but I remember thinking that it was all together too good to be true. I called anyway and signed up for a sales presentation because I always en

The Heart Of The Matter

I toured Florida the same way that I have toured other states, I drove in circumambulation around it, going down the east coast, out across the Rickenbacker Causeway to Key West, and then back up the west coast, seeing the sights along the way. I crisscrossed Florida to see more sights, including SeaWorld Orlando which fascinated me so much that I went back a second day because I did not understand the plight of those massive animals in minuscule confinements. I wondered if I would retire to Florida as so many do. But I knew that Florida had started out as a swamp, and even though now it is highly developed, it is still is a swamp underneath, and it definitely smells like a swamp. I did

A Second Away From Being Grabbed From My Car

The incident occurred I was still a teenager somewhat unfamiliar with driving a car. I was coming home very late at night from a new job in Minneapolis, Minnesota or in one of the large industrial areas around it. I have always been a morning lark and easily get up at five o'clock AM, but I worked the late shift when that was the only work to be had. So I was probably sleepy too, and I could not find my way home. I was fearful to be out so late at night. I had been stopped for a long time at a red light with no other traffic around, and I clearly remember my panic when I realized that I had forgotten to lock my car door just as an unclean, crazed demonic man grabbed my car door handle to

Jumping Into A Pool Of Mountain Trout

The Mogollon Rim is an impressive two thousand foot high escarpment that rises across central Arizona and into New Mexico, so it was very exciting to go on a day hike along one of its countless trails, long ago with a pleasant nature group. They said it would be much cooler up in the pine forests, but for some reason it was very hot. At midday, we rested next to a little stream running in step pools down the mountainside. I asked the hike leader if I could cool off in the water. He smiled knowingly and led me to the largest of the pools, it was about twelve feet in diameter with straight sides going down. “Jump in!” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. Fully clothed I jumped, pointed my

If you work for me do not get wasted.

Absolutely any government job should require routine weekly drug testing, including the President and the Congress and law enforcement and teachers and city/state employees and the government contractors who provide goods and services to the government. Test them all and let the drug test results sort them out: "Here's your paycheck." or "You're fired." Anyone who works for the government should be “shovel ready”. If you are wasted, or semi-wasted from the night before, you are not ready to work. Not for me you are not. Having said that, I feel that if a human being wants to use psychotropic substances, that is their own affair. Drug use entails the most personal rights to govern one’

Staffing Issues

Not much that I can do about these sorts of SNAFU’s, aka Situation Normal All Fucked Up. Yes, I use that sort of language when I have to, when I am angry, or when it’s fun, just like very one else on this mudball planet. QUESTION: Who is staffing our Government Agencies? (screencapture 08-13-18)

The N-word

So, there is a special N-word that no one can say except the people who object to it? Wow, America is buffaloed! Is this a historical first? Has there ever been another such forbidden word in the history of The United States of America? A word that if spoken, everyone understands that is justification to vilify you, to even strike you in public? This is a different phenomenon from social disapproval of common English sexual or scatological swear words, which intensify, shock, and offend, while signifying a close personal relationship. The prohibition on the N-word for only certain types of people, types of people who are not always easily identified, seems to me to be a passive-aggressi


When I was about seven years old, I remember my parents kept a sweet, young, mongrel dog, a black-and-white, skinny cur called Moga, wearing a stained, tight collar, tied up short on a rusty chain in the backyard. I remember trying without luck to loosen his collar or get a longer chain for him. All I could do for the miserable dog was to sometimes sit outside with it as it lay in the dirt and pick off the fleas on its ribs. Occasionally I found a tick in its dirty ear, but I was not very good at getting them out. I was troubled by its hard, unsanitary conditions but I had no real understanding of what to do for it. In the mid-twentieth century many people tied up a mutt to a doghouse i

Something Better Than Beef Au Jus

When someone who does not have much to offer gives one the very best of what they have, and adds sincere, kindly solicitations for one’s well-being to it, then gratitude is a natural response. This week, about halfway home to Bloomington, Illinois from my monthly trip to Chicago, Illinois for my late father’s loss of leg due to god-awful nursing home neglect lawsuit, I stopped at one of the few remaining mom-and-pop restaurants along the route. On the way in I realized that I had been there once before, had ordered “farm” fish which implies “very fresh” from a girl who did not seem to care very much, and had gotten processed fish flakes pressed into a block of something that I would not ea


Caption: What is my opinion on Roe vs. Wade? I prefer to float. by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018 Caption: Roe v. Wade Again, it is a sad day in America when we do not feel safe to speak our opinions directly. – AMT

My New Hobby Of Making Youtube Comments

I initiated two threads regarding Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former "Apprentice" television contestant who became a White House aide to President Trump, who then provided the world with an audio recording that she made while being fired by his chief of staff, John Kelly, which violated her employment non-disclosure agreement. It is sort of a Cinderella turns princess turns spy story. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to make very personal comments about public figures via the internet? I am not sure, but I am willing to let time tell. I do know that I am happy to be part of forming the new worldwide culture of internet posting, commenting, tweeting, etcetera. I feel that at my age I a

Conquering My Fear Of Heights

I used to have a fear of heights so intense that I would white-knuckle cling onto anything I could grab whenever I had to climb a three-step step stool. To be couple of feet off of the ground, less than waist-high, sent my senses swirling, and that was ridiculous. My fear of heights was an impediment and I determined to get rid of it. Safely. However... Several hours deep into the North American Sonoran Desert south of the Phoenix metropolitan area, I had seen a small, battered sign for the Arizona Parachute Ranch (now defunct.) I determined to go there and learn how to skydive. That would cure my fear of heights! I had a sense of what I was getting into, the rusty sign had been full

Wearing military khaki was not to be.

When I turned eighteen, I realized that while I as a woman was exempt, my younger brother whom I loved and of whom I felt very protective, would have to register for the military selective service, to potentially be drafted into enlistment in the United States armed forces, risking life and limb. Being very, very inexperienced in the world, I felt that that was unfair. I felt if he had to go to that difficult life task, I should also have to go. And, I realized that there were “benefits that last a lifetime”, as they say, to military service, that is assuming one goes on to have a lifetime and is not killed in service. To a high school graduate such as myself, with no dependable way to g

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