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Wrought Iron Lawn Furniture

My note to my neighbors in Illinois, 2020:

Would you like to have the wrought iron lawn furniture that is in my yard?  If so, please go ahead and pick it up at your convenience.  Thank you.

Wrought iron bench with wooden seat, please take the pallet under it too.  When my late mother and I sat on this bench the pallet kept our feet off the ground just right.  Also take the thin wooden shelf beside the bench.  It is just the right size to hold a glass of ice tea, so it goes too.  Please note that my next door neighbor ran across our yards and up over my bench, for reasons known only to him, so the bench and pallet are stuck in ground.  I cannot budge them.  I hope that you can.

Small wrought iron table and chairs.

The wrought iron bird bath needs a few rocks in it because first-year birds sometimes have trouble getting out of it.  Fledglings use the rocks to get up over the rim of the bird bath.

Tall shepherd's hook (for hanging bird feeders), with squirrel guard.

Wrought iron decorative bird on 4-foot stem and another tiny bird in a miniature wrought iron pavilion on stand.

I hope that you can take all of this lawn furniture as I am moving out of state next month.



Wrought Iron Lawn Furniture Given Away When I Moved From My House In Illinois

collage by Annmarie Throckmorton, copyright 2024



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