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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Vespera Exercitatione

My evening routine has been essentially unchanged for decades, save for the inclusion of pleasant new digital opportunities.

My Evening Routine

At the end of the day I pick up any stray items and put them in their place in my home.

I try very hard not to do any other chores in the evening.

I lock my door, and then prop certain physical objects against it.

I contemplate briefly at each of the meditation bells that I have set to ring on my phone, on the hours between 4 PM & 8 PM.

Sometime before 6 PM, I prepare dinner and do the dishes.

I fast from 6 PM in the evening to 10 AM the next morning, and I usually do not break this fast.

If I have a treat or snack foods I have it before 6 PM, maybe instead of dinner; exempli gratia, chips and dip.

During and after dinner I watch a little news, comedy,, or a movie on TV until about 8 PM, with my feet up in the recliner.

I hang up my clothes to dry and will put them in the laundry bin tomorrow morning.

If I have an early morning appointment, which I try to avoid, I set my alarm.

I might lay out what I will wear tomorrow.

I set a small glass of ice water on my nightstand.

I brush my hair, brush my teeth and floss.

I wash and moisturize my face.

I put medication wherever needed.

I smooth on a light sheen of coconut oil from neck to toes.

I turn on my bedroom fan or space heater, and white noise machine.

I read e-books and print-books in bed, history, autobiography, adventure, etcetera.

I turn off my phone after 8 PM.

I fall asleep naturally between 10 PM and midnight, or later.

I am satisfied with my Vespera Exercitatione.

Evening Routine

by Annmarie Throckmorton, copyright 2023



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