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The Young Dragon's Theft

Young Dragon slunk cunningly to the feet of Old Dragon and abased itself, "Oh great one, you are so strong, you are so talented, you are so wise! Smile upon me."

Old Dragon, who had been relaxing upon a small pile of shiny, cold, lumpy gold and enjoying the warm sunshine, looked up with mild surprise and a smile of love.

Young Dragon said even more effusively, "You are great! Truly, you are the greatest of the great! Everyone will remember your greatness forever!"

Old Dragon was good but not great and therefore was perplexed by this ebullient exaggeration; and so forbore to speak.

Young Dragon cooed and smiled while it reached under, around, and behind Old Dragon, then exclaimed, "Oh, it looks like your gold has fallen into my grasp." And ran away with it.

Old Dragon was saddened by this deception but did not want to punish the perverse Young Dragon whom it loved.

So, Old Dragon let it go; and still to this day Old Dragon basks in warm sunshine, under blue skies, on top of cool, soft, green hills, overlooking beautiful valleys.

The Young Dragon's Theft

Copyright © 2022 by Annmarie Throckmorton, all rights reserved.

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