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Taking Time To Prevent Child Endangerment

I started my day by reporting egregious child endangerment on a bison ranch in Oklahoma, with a detailed follow-up email.

I really need to work on moving my own life forward, but I would not be who I am if I ignored this.

My email to Oklahoma Abuse and Neglect Hotline

Re: report of child endangerment of his daughter by Dusty Baker, owner of Cross Timber Bison

To Child Advocate:

Thank you very much for taking my report of child endangerment today. I found Dusty Baker's contact information on the internet, please, please stop him from endangering his toddler daughter by bringing her in physical contact with his dangerous bison herd.

Dusty Baker

Cross Timbers Bison

Sulphur, OK 73086, USA

Murray County


Please see attached screen capture from his YouTube channel where he videotapes and brags about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKW8yrLxGJg&t=842s.

Please take appropriate action to protect the daughter of Dusty Baker, owner of Cross Timber Bison. Dusty Baker's own YouTube video post on 05-30-21 documents him holding his daughter, a toddler, in an open pasture with a herd of loose 1000-2000 pound bison, where the bison are defending several newborn bison calves. (Dusty Baker films the fresh afterbirth on the ground). Dusty Baker forces his toddler daughter to interact with the bison, putting her up to the massive head of the 2-ton bull bison and making his daughter feed cubes to the bull by hand. His daughter clearly does not want to feed the bison or even be near it. She appears to be frightened beyond speaking.

This is my comment to Dusty Baker's channel Cross Timbers Bison on 06-09-21.

"You are RECKLESS, and ought to be reported to Child Protection Services for child abuse and neglecting to keep your daughter in safe environment. Those bison could so easily trample your toddler, she is too young to even be able to run away in the field from them. STOP taking her in the pasture with the bison. Do you like to see your daughter afraid? She is obviously very fearful of the bison and she is probably afraid of you for failing to protect her. If you were a legit business you would list your location on your channel."

child endangerment of his daughter by Dusty Baker, owner of Cross Timbers Bison

(screen capture of his 05-30-21 post to YouTube)

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