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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Recurring Childhood Nightmare

For a while when I was a child, I had a recurring nightmare of running up to a old-style milk wagon for milk and being horrified to see that the wagon was on fire, a veritable furnace of flame. I woke in a panic but at first I could not recall what had frightened me. I finally put paper and pencil on my nightstand and when the nightmare woke me I wrote it down so that I understood what it was. Then I trained my young brain to not produce that nightmare, and after that I very rarely even had dreams of any sort. Years later I realized that my mother's habit of withholding of milk, food, and warmth had probably conflated into a milk wagon afire.

It has been over half a century since I have thought of that childhood nightmare, I shuddered to recall it when I saw the milk wagon below on

Recurring childhood dream of a milk wagon on fire.

screen capture for non-commercial use, 2023



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