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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Non-Player Character

I will omit the wrangling back and forth that I did with SouthernCustomTees trying to get them to exchange this illegible custom-ordered cap for one that can be read. I had ordered the cute blue cap to read "NPC", for Non-Player Character, in IMPACT font because I thought it would be a fun conversation starter. Sometimes NPC fits my mood perfectly, and I thought I would occasionally share that by wearing the cap. :-)

Suffice it to say that SouthernCustomTees sent me a cap with a weird cursive font that no one can read—I have asked, no one can read it. SouthernCustomTees said that it was their custom on custom-text caps to choose the font for the customer if the customer did not choose for themselves, they also over-billed me $1. My argument was that I did chose the font, IMPACT. Color, text and font are the only three elements to choose for their custom caps, and I liked the techie look of the IMPACT font. If SouthernCustomTees did not have a record of my choice, they could have easily emailed me to find out what I wanted. SouthernCustomTees refused to exchange the cap for one with the correct font. And they refused to accept my return of the cap for refund. Back and forth, please, refuse, please, refuse. I really wanted to be able to enjoy my NPC cap so I kept trying. Finally my bank dispute department credited this charge in full, I guess they could not read the cap either. I sometimes wear the illegible cap just to keep my noggin warm, but I do not enjoy it and no one ever comments on it. Disappointing.

I wrangled long and hard with SouthernCustomTees

over this illegible cap, to exchange it for the correct font, unsuccessfully.

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