• Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

My Mother's Family

I can find nothing to say about my mother's family, save that my uncle Edward was always polite, sometimes kind to me. Aunt Betty seemed pleased to see me on those rare occasions when we visited in Illinois, although she never spoke to me. And at the end of her life my Aunt Mary finally spoke to me on what was soon to be her deathbed, when she made a point of praising me for the way that I had provided the care that my elderly parents needed to stay in their home during their last years. Both of my aunts had asked me to help them too, but by then I was in my late fifties, ill, and unable to provide care to four failing elders in three different houses. If they had gotten along well enough to live together I probably would have tried.

As for the others, Chilon of Sparta is reputed to have said in about 300 AD, "don't badmouth a dead man." I have no photographs of my mother's brother Loren McGrew, nor of his many children and grandchildren. I am afraid of them.

My mother's mother Hazel Marie and brother Edward Daley-children of Amelia and James Daley circa 1909

My mother's older sister Hazel Elizabeth (Betty) McGrew

My mother's younger sister Mary née McGrew Huff

My mother's parents-Loren and Hazel McGrew-on vacation

(Their faces never looked happy when they looked at me.)

Edward McGrew-my maternal uncle of whom I was very fond for no particular reason save I liked him

and he liked me.

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