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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

My Avatar Was Assaulted, Twice In One Day!

From age thirteen on up, the only Avakin Life choices of attire for girls and women are ragged or slutty or raggedly slutty.


Also, Avakin Life allows the game's cartoon avatars to overlap and to so impose themselves visually upon each other in various ways, and sexually is one of those ways.


Also, while the images are cartoons, the feelings are real.  I am upset just writing about the SA (sexual assault) experiences that I have had on Avakin Life.


Incident Report 1:  I had left my avatar sitting on an Avakin Life beach while I was afk (Away From Keyboard), when I came back a male Avakin avatar with an Arabic name (which means I could not look up his identity with my standard-English keyboard) was facedown in my lap doing "pushups" which moved his head up and down in my lap simulating oral sex.  I immediately tapped his profile and blocked him, so he has disappeared from my universe forever, but his visual assault on me has left a residual disgust.  Now, of course, I do not feel safe leaving my avatar anywhere in Avakin because...I do not want to experience this sort of visual SA again.


Incident Report 2:  I was walking my avatar though an Avakin Life club when some male Avakin avatar, wearing what looked like a suicide bomber's gear (but which Avakin labels a beer-drinking outfit that covers you entirely from head to waist, quite scary), grabbed me from behind with a dance feature that bypassed me agreeing to dance, and repeatedly pushed me to the floor in front of him then dragged me up and down against his avatar's body to simulate frottage.  Disgusting.  I left immediately, went back to my own Avakin home but he followed me there, saying something as he came in that was completely censored by Avakin, except for the initial "F...."  I tapped his profile and blocked him.  This also I do not want to experience again.  I cannot imagine how the thirteen-year-old girls who play Avakin Life are managing this game.  Disgusting.


I immediately reported these two incidents to Avakin Life but their only response was negative. Avakin deleted all of my requests for help from Avakin's Chat Help log, about the closet feature that does not work, my pet dog that "disappeared", and so on.  And now that Avakin Chat Help feature does not work for me.  This is a classic case of silencing the victim instead of solving the problem.


Was the cross that I wore a factor in why I was assaulted?

screencaptures, November, 24 2023


Reporting Avakin Life Assaults

by Annmarie Throckmorton, copyright 2-023



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