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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Easter In Avakin Life

Easter eggs* are supposed to be delightful creations, whether they are ordinary eggs colorfully dyed in the family kitchen, confections made of yummy chocolate, or fabulously expensive bejeweled Fabergé eggs.  So why are Avakin Life Easter eggs colored like dead mud?  Seems scary, ominous.


And why does the central woman on Avakin Life's opening screen during Easter season have a chain embedded in her thigh, a ulcerous infection behind it, and visible pubic hair sprouting from her genital area?  Hint:  that is not a shadow, it is an insult.  The man next to her is dressed as an ox and has a ring in his nose.  Who is leading whom in this scenario? The only explanation seems to be that there are some very sick puppies at work there.**


*  "This custom of the Easter egg, according to many sources, can be traced to early Christians of Mesopotamia (circa 6000 BC), and from there it spread into Eastern Europe and Siberia through the Orthodox Churches, and later into Europe through the Catholic and Protestant Churches..."  Source:


**  (1) a mentally disturbed, insane, or attention-seaking person that does or says revolting, disgusting, or bizarre things.

(2) a person who says or does twisted or gross things (but is not necessarily insane)  Source:


Gray Easter In Avakin Life

non-commercial use screen capture 03-31-2024 1 & 2



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