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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Brief Encounter With The Governor

There was handicapped parking readily available on all sides of the Maine State Capitol complex, but I did not know which side would give me the access that I needed with the least amount of hitching along on my cane. I was perplexed, so when I saw a pleasant-looking, elderly, fair-haired woman walking along the sidewalk, I flagged her down from my car. I hollered hello and she obliged me by coming into the street and up to my car where I was cheerily craning my head out of the window to greet her. I worried a little about her being in the street but then I realized that a very large, serious gentleman dressed in security-guard black had moved closer to her and was very attentive in this. I was still focused on my quest and had not yet realized to whom I had the delightful opportunity to speak (grammar correct!?!) "Can you please tell me which entrance is closest to the Attorney General's office?" And I waved the complaint letter that I wished to deliver to said government official. She did look a little surprised, and maybe she ran a speculative eye over the twenty-year-old-plus clunker of a car that I drive, but she said, "This door." indicating the door nearest to us. "Handicap parking?" And she nicely nodded to some nearby reserved parking spaces. I said, "Oh, I think those are reserved for dignitaries." And she laughed saying, "I don't think any dignitaries are here today." As she and her security man slowly walked away, I called after that smart, helpful lady, "Those are beautiful colors that you are wearing." And the sweatpants and sweatshirt that she wore truly were lovely shades of blue and green. She did not turn around, but she waved a jaunty hand in the air back at me. That was when I began to realized I had just been helped along by the Governor.

I have illustrated Governor Janet Mill's image here, you will notice that she is still very pretty for a grande dame of seventy-six.

Maine Governor Janet Mills

illustration by Annmarie Throckmorton, copyright 2023

Maine Governor Janet Mills, non-commercial use of photo by Robert F. Bukaty, Maine's Political Pulse eNewsletter, 07-08-23



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