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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Balloons Or UFOs: A Political Morass In A Smog

From My Windows On The World I See A Political Morass In A Smog

by Annmarie Throckmorton, copyright 2023

Midday on 02-03-23, the US military released fuzzy images of a "spy balloon" that was navigating at about 60 thousand feet, which is above our military jets' reach, and dropping down to hover over primary military installations across the center of the USA. I really do not know what to think, other than balloons don't navigate nor do they hover. Balloons are airborne, for example, they are swept along in the jet stream; and our military should have known and told us about this before a civilian spotted it, photographed it, and posted it online. Is the apparatus that this balloon carries releasing biohazards or some other threat? We can photograph a pebble on the moon, why were the initial publicly released images so blurry?

Reportedly this "balloon" is the size of 3 buses, is somewhat guided by a navigational array, rides higher than US military jets can fly or fire, and a U.S. general mentioned a "payload" which hopefully is not biohazards.

Soon a citizen amateur astronomer posted a clear image of the balloon online giving us all a look this menacing balloon, "200 feet tall, as big as a regional jet", with a big spying, navigational, communications array tethered under it. China claimed ownership of this huge "weather" balloon which traversed the entire width of the US, from Alaska, across western Canada, down over the major US military installations (missile silos, etc.) located in several states, and on through North Carolina before a US military missile finally shot it down offshore in the Atlantic ocean, creating "an eight miles debris field" in 40' water off the coast.

In the next couple of days three smaller aerial objects moved across the US and Canada, for a total of 4 objects this weekend. No one seems to know what they were. The last three objects were not balloons, were of unknown origin, were unclaimed by China, and were referred to by a breathless media as "probably balloons", "definitely not balloons", but "maybe aliens". These last three object over the US and Canada were variously reported to be changing direction, traveling faster than the eyes can follow, cylindrical or maybe octagonal, and metallic gray. These were shot down fairly promptly with US missiles. The Chinese objected, the aliens have had no comment to date. :-)

This stuff seems crazy, but my account here is exactly as it was reported in the news, and highly dangerous (pun intended.)

Balloon Payload possibilities:

1. "A suitcase nuclear device (also called suitcase nuke, suitcase bomb, backpack nuke, snuke (sneaky nuke?), mini-nuke, and pocket nuke) is a tactical nuclear weapon that is portable enough that it could use a suitcase as its delivery method." It could definitely fit in a balloon's gondola.

Source: Suitcase nuclear device - Wikipedia,,suitcase%20as%20its%20delivery%20method. 3.

2. EMP device (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) "How big can an EMP bomb be?

A nuclear weapon detonated between 40 and 400 kilometers can generate an EMP that could affect up to 70% of the U.S. electric power grid, depending upon intensity."


3. Long-range aerial dispersal of cereal aphids as virus vectors in North America.

Or maybe another ȻÒƔÏÐ release, setting off a more virulent "pI@gue"? (Self-censored. It is pathetic how we've all been driven to self-censoring to evade the invisible but digitally omnipotent internet sensors and liars.)

4. Japan's Secret WWII Weapon: Balloon Bombs. "The Japanese harnessed air currents to create the first intercontinental weapons—balloons ...On May 5, 1945, five children and local pastor Archie Mitchell's pregnant wife Elsie were killed as they played with the large paper balloon they'd spotted during a Sunday outing in the woods near Bly, Oregon—the only enemy-inflicted casualties on the U.S. mainland in the whole of World War II." Pastor Archie Mitchell was parking their car at the time. Source:

As Tardigrade, I commented about this matter on these YouTube channels: Dutchsinse, Mary Greeley, and Fox News.

See:, balloon taken out by missile, CNN, "New video shows the moment a missile fired by a US fighter jet shoots down a suspected Chinese spy balloon. (Did we really shoot down what was flying over us, or just send up a little balloon and shot it down for a photo opportunity.) And, do we need a missile to take out a balloon?

Billings photographer inundated with interviews after taking viral photo of Chinese spy balloon (that alerted the US government to the fact that it was floating over us.)

All images herein are internet sourced for non-commercial use.

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