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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Afghanistan Falls Back Into The 11th Century*

The Afghanistan debacle begs the question, does the puppeteer who is pulling the strings of the marionette that is the Biden-Harris regime want to ruin the world? Still wondering if that puppeteer is Team Obama.

I have had gruesome nightmares reflecting the suffering going on in Afghanistan after the precipitous, middle-of-the-night withdrawal of United States from Bagram Airfield on August 18, 2021. After twenty years of occupation there, it was an ignominious failure. I am still shaking, grieving the Afghans' terror of the barbaric Taliban who have overrun them and will probably kill many of them.

Afghan women who were able to work outside of their homes and girls who learned to read are now locked back into their homes, under penalty of beatings, beheadings, or being shot in the street. Educated Afghan men's minds will be forcibly polluted with the Taliban's misinterpretations of Islam.


* Bing Search: Who was the leader of Islam in the 11th century? "11th century (1001–1100 CE / 391–494 AH) 998–1030: Mahmud of Ghazni persuades mass conversions to Islam in present-day Afghanistan. Many Hindus and Buddhists are persuade in various ways into converting under his rule. 1001: Mahmud of Ghazni defeats the Hindu Shahis at Peshawar (Afghanistan)."

Chaos In Kabul, Afghanistan on August 18, 2021

animation and still image by Annmarie Throckmorton



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