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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Election Fraud In Illinois

I posted two online comments to the Millennial Millie channel, New Whistleblower Leak - Documents Show Kentucky Election Was Rigged!

Comment 1. Millie. I admire how skillfully you manage the dual roles of soft-spoken lady and gum-shoe journalist. In 70 years of life, I have never seen anyone else do it so effectively. Best wishes & blessings,

Comment 2. In Illinois, McLean County my father and my brother are both currently registered as democrats at my home address: but my brother works in another country and has never been to my home much less live with me and my father died three years ago. The Illinois, McLean County Board of Elections arrogantly refuses to remove them from their voter listing on my address, even though I requested in writing and in person that they do that. Obviously the democrats plan to vote my deceased father and expatriate brother as democrats living in my home in 2020, and I cannot stop them. Rage, because in 2020 my deceased father and out-of-country brother will be used to over vote me when I vote republican for Trump. And the McLean County Board of Elections has me registered as democrat even though I voted republican for Trump in 2016. I went in to the election board in person for that too and they refused to change my party affiliation to republican. I went to the McLean County republican headquarter but they did not take either problem seriously. Well, it is serious to me and anyone else who wants fair elections.

By the way, both my father and brother were political independents and would very much resent being publicly designated as democrats.

So how do I know that my father and brother's names are on the county list of voters and likely to be used in election fraud? Because different businesses buy the voter list from the country board of elections to use in mass mailings. Each month I receive one or two of this type of mailing addressed to my out-of-county brother, Peter E. Throckmorton, Jr., or to my late father. This is how I know that they are on the Illinois Mclean County voter list, fraudulently.

Caption: Complementary breakfast to everyone on Illinois, McLean County voter list

dead or alive, in or out-of-country in December 2019

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