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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Hello? Anyone? Hello?

What If I Could Talk To Anyone In The World? My first thought is that I would not want to put myself out there, I am retired in more ways than literally. However, for the sake of humanity and this thought exercise...I would. The question, of course, is whether to reach out to a saint or a sinner? In my experience, bad people are incorrigible and impervious to any suggestions that they change for the better; and good people are already doing their maximum to better the world so other than curses or praise as might be their due, there is little to be said by me to either group.

All of my adult life I had access to anyone in the world, in the usual way of writing to them. I do not now need special access to anyone in the world. I wrote letters for human rights, animal rights, assorted environmentalists groups, and myriad women's groups; sometimes with very nice results. When I have had a specific message for a specific person, I did not hesitate to telephone, email, comment, tweet, or mail them an old-fashioned paper missive. I am not as passionate as I was during the first half century of my life, I have cooled. I feel that my time for acting in the world is over, and my time for speaking in the world is near to over. I rest content with the communications that I have had.

Still, if there were someone to cheer me on, over this last obstacle course of old age, I would be delighted to talk to them. Hello?

Caption: What If I Could Talk To Anyone In The World—Hello?

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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