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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Celebrity Tell All-Or Not

If you could ask any celebrity one question, what would it be?

I think I might ask Arnold Schwarzenegger what he was thinking when he bedded his housekeeper, making her his mistress? Obviously he was not thinking about any obligation of fidelity to his wife, the stability of his family, nor was he was thinking of the risk of emotional pain and pregnancy to his mistress. And his mistress did bear him a son.

Then I think about the outrageous things that I have thought, said, and done while in the throes of lusting love, and I have no further questions for anyone. My sexual indiscretions were not as flagrant or consequential, but still I avoid thinking about them through shame. If such a remembrance flits though my mind, and in old age one's life is revisited with surprising frequency, I drop my eyes, hang my head, and squirm away to other thoughts.

I am lucky to have made my sexual mistakes before the advent of the internet, with its unforgiving refusal to forget anything that winds up on it and before the eyes of the world. If one makes a mistake now, it appears that it will stay up as malevolent beacon in the global cloud forever. No, I have no personal questions for Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom I admire in so many ways.

Caption: Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Aging As Well As Any Other Mortal.

screen capture from MSN powered by Microsoft News 2019

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