Getting Fit, Staying Fit

This week I signed up for my Humana-Medicare Medical Insurance's fitness program which has three names, Silver Sneakers, Humana Vitality, and Go365*.  Cynically, to my world-weary old eyes, it looks like all the usual suspects are playing the usual financial game of switching the pea (money) around under three walnut shells (corporate names).


But I got a $50 reward card for signing up, and another $70 reward card for the socializing and in-home exercising that I have been doing this year just as a matter of course in my life.  Yippee!  The insurance crooks are starting to share!  Why?  Caring?  Compassion?  Wanting old people to live longer, and use more benefits?  Ha, doubt it!  I wonder what pressures are on Humana-Medicare to cause this little bounty to me and other seniors?  Oh, I hope it is amplified government oversight!  Meanwhile, I am motivated to exercise, to get fit, stay fit, and to enjoy my $5 reward card each month.


And, I activated my Silver Sneakers membership at the local YMCA. The last time I exercised at the YMCA was in 2004, fifteen years ago.  Oh, please let me have breath and stamina to work out in the low impact water aerobics!  I am actually scared to start, which is a new feeling for me.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

*  "Go365 is a wellness and rewards program that allows your employees (and seniors) to earn awesome rewards for healthy activities like workouts, preventive exams and more."



Caption:  YMCA flyer with Annmarie Throckmorton at 55 in Senior Swim 2004


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