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You Be You

As my avatar AdroitWaterBear I recently posted this response to Mr. Nichols' claim that Blacks have many more requirements than Whites to make their hairstyle suitable for work.

Jesse Lee Peterson - YouTube channel

"Jesse Tells Jason Nichols Why He Is Gonna Put Blacks Back on the Plantation"

Regarding white people's hair, it is not true that there are fewer work requirements. When we look at men working where the money is, in corporate America, unless he owns the company, all the men have haircuts that keep their hair above their collars and ears. Designs cut into their short hair are not allowed. White women are allowed to wear their hair longer than men in corporate America but women are criticized and maybe not hired if they have lesbian crew cuts, unnatural colors, braids, pigtails, or an old-fashioned hairstyle, like a heavily sprayed beehive. And when she gets old there is pressure on a white woman to dye her hair. I suggest a new motto for Corporate America Black & White, as long as the employee is clean, neat, and congenial: "You look fine as you are, work well, and you be you."

Caption: This Is My Working Hard Hairstyle.

self-portrait by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019


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