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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

NOAA Radio References & Complexities

In 2003 I contracted to Midland Radio* to work within the engineering group to write NOAA weather radio owner's manuals. These owner manuals were distributed to the consumer boxed in with the radios. The work was quite interesting and my colleagues were congenial. My duties and responsibilities were as follows:

● Was well-informed on "best practices" for writing user manuals.

● Trained in, and used industry-specific radio equipment.

● Conducted research, and learned the details of operation required to write weather radio operation manuals.

● Used small portable computer onsite, with built-in touch mouse; and extensive desktop publishing skills.

● Maintained professional attitude, and completed the assignment in a timely manner. Am dependable.

● Created manual content and layout designed for sales enhancement.

● Designed user-friendly manuals specifically for the over-fifty (age group) consumer.

● Wrote two manuals: models 100 and 300 of "NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency) Weather Radio Owner's Manual: Model WR-x00; chapters included: weather radio monitoring features included FIPS, decoding, all hazards/weather/emergency alerts, voice, LED indicator lights, LCD text scrolling for radio owner's command entry.

● MIDLAND Weather Monitor (WR-300 & 100) owner’s manuals are designed for distribution in markets around the world. The owner’s manual is available on-line @ Midland’s website.

Two very nice references from this job are copied below.


To Whom It May Concern.

This is a reference for Ms. Annmarie Throckmorton

Ms. Throckmorton has successfully completed several technical-writing projects for us. The projects were successfully completed as requested. Ms. Throckmorton is a skilled writer and desktop publisher. She is also very professional in attitude and worked well within our engineering group. We will use her services again as required.

Sincerely, David Kingsolver

Director of Engineering

April 25, 2003

RE: letter of referral I have had the pleasure of working with Annmarie Throckmorton on several manual writing projects over the last few weeks. I found her to be very well informed on the best practices of writing instructions for user manuals. She was also thorough in her research to learn the details of operation required to complete the writing of the manuals. We worked as a team to complete the assignment in the required time. Her manner was pleasant and professional at all times. I would be happy to have the opportunity to work with Annmarie again if the need arose.

Very truly yours,

Thomas Bishop, Senior staff engineer

Midland Radio Corporation

One afternoon as my assignment neared completion, the manufacturing plant manager sat down beside me for a chat. I was hoping that he was considering hiring me, but I immediately saw that he was upset. He was disheveled, a little smelly with his shirt only half tucked into his trousers, and he seemed distraught. He had been pacing around the manufacturing area, and in tense conversation on his cell phone off and on all morning. When he talked to me, he did not ask me about my work or comment on it; instead he asked me directly what I thought should be done about the "Palestinian problem." I had not previously spoken to anyone about the "Palestinian problem" as in the work context this is a proverbial third rail that will zap one to the curb. I tried evading his question but he insisted on an answer. This was distressing as political opinions on such sensitive matters were outside of my pay grade. I answered carefully, for his yarmulke told me that he was Jewish. Soon after that I was let go, and I believe it was because the manager did not like my reply, which was that the Palestinians should be treated like the uneducated, backward children of humanity that they are, and economically provided for despite their bad behavior.

Fifteen years later political pundits have announced the same plan that I had of economically providing for the Palestinians. "In Bahrain this week, senior Trump Administration officials took part in a two-day summit that unveiled a new economic roadmap for the Palestinian people. “The overall consensus is that [Peace to Prosperity] is a very executable plan,” Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner said of the response from representatives of more than 20 participating countries. “There is so much thirst and excitement about investing in the West Bank and Gaza.” Source: 1600 Daily, The White House, June 26, 2019

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* "Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Midland is the oldest U.S. manufacturer of CB Radios. Midland was established in the 1960s and is owned by private investors..."


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