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Coconut Oil Sooths Neuropathy

Apparently there is no known cause and no cure for neuropathy. Neuropathy is believed to be damage to the nervous system, from either injury or disease, causing pain, numbness, tingling, burning, and weakness. I do not know why I have burning, prickling neuropathy in my feet, and to a lesser extent in my hands, but it has been the bane of my life for decades, as every evening the pain of it flares into my consciousness.

Over the years, I tried assorted ointments and various appliances (gel forms, wraps, lifts, etc.) to relieve the pain and suffering of it. Some of it was smelly, some of it was cumbersome, and all of it was quite worthless. My primary care specialist referred me to a medical quack who jabbed my feet with steel needles and render quite painful little jolts of electric shocks to the tender soles of my feet. One session of that was more than enough, the procedure did not work in the slightest, and more will fool me not.

Then on advise from a wise woman who said, "Put it everywhere!", I tried Vita Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. My experience with coconut oil has been that daily topical use of it restores various body tissues to a natural, healthy condition.

For care of my painful feet and hands, each evening I put a thin sheen of coconut oil on them and I sleep through the night with comfort. My common sense theory is that my neuropathic pain is the result of the failure of my aging heart to circulate nutrients to my extremities causing pain, but my hands and feet absorb enough nutrients from the coconut oil to painlessly make it though the night.

Caption: Coconut Oil Sooths Neuropathy

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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