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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Memories In Old-fashioned Greeting Cards

It seems very old-fashioned now, but my father and I used to exchange greeting cards for all of the holidays, and on our birthdays. I kept a few of the greeting cards from my parents because they were so pretty, and then when my parents passed, I inherited back a few of my own greeting cards that I had mailed to them. Father really enjoyed mailing letters and cards, and he corresponded with many people during his life, some of them overseas, as did I. Mother's participation was to co-sign the cards that Father sent out to family. Father's extra duty was to keep Mother from tearing or scratching the cards (note under my chin on the photograph.) I also inherited Father's assorted postage stamps, he used to buy special issue postage stamps to make his mailings special. It will take me a long time to use them all, and they are a remembrance that I cherish.

Today is my seventieth birthday. Sometimes Father would send me ginormous cards and sometimes he would send sweet little cards. I liked all of his cards. When waist-high greeting cards became a fad, I bought him one and he kept it propped up on display in a corner of his study for years.

Caption: Birthday Greeting Card from Mom and Dad 2010

Caption: A card that I sent to my parents quite a while ago.

Caption: Birthday Greeting Card from Mom and Dad 2006

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