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A Stuffed Toy She Likes

I adopted Margaret Cat a decade ago at the local we-kill-them-in-ten-days "shelter". The staff explained that she was traumatized by an abusive first home and she had just had her kittens taken from her. Over the years I gave Margaret the usual cat toys, and very few interested her, none delighted her. This Christmas I bought her a stuffed toy as usual, but since it seemed destined for donation to the thrift shop when she rejected it, I bought it from a thrift store. To my surprise this gray wolf cub stuffed toy made a normal cat out of Margaret. She bites it, she kicks it vigorously with her hind legs, and as you can see, when she gets tired she rests next to it. Yes!

I am fortunate that such little things make me happy.

Caption: My Old Cat Margaret Finally Found A Stuffed Toy She Likes.

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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