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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

I Missed My Space Flight

According to the evening news online I may have just missed out on a flight in space! Quel Domage. The cliché is true, life is too short. If I only lived half a century longer, space flights might be routine and I could have, would have booked a flight to the moon. Awww.

A daring girlfriend and I made a pact in graduate school, that if space travel opened up in our lifetimes, we would vacation together on the moon. We would sit back and earthgaze. We would drink the latest drinks and dance the latest dances on the moon. From the ads juxtaposition next to Richard Branson's space travel announcement, drinks might be passé, instead tokes might be on the menu, but all I would want would be to earthgaze.

I believe that my fearless friend, who has since passed from this world in the usual sense, would have actually gone to the moon. She was an attractive, middle-aged, deeply pigmented black woman who had the stamina to earn her Ph.D.: and Dr. TB seemed quite serious when she told me that she wanted to be bronzed naked when she died and set up high as a statue in front of the state capital building. As I said, she was fearless.

Caption: Oh No! I just missed out on space flight!

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