• Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

A Crushing Blow Of Injustice

Yesterday the Illinois, Cook County Civil Court judge in my late father's nursing home lawsuit, for extreme neglect resulting in leg amputation, ruled that the nursing home that we sued was not a successor in interest to its predecessor, but could purchase the nursing home assets and leave behind its liabilities (this lawsuit), when the only change between the two nursing homes was the name: the nursing home operated in the same building, with the same procedures, the same staff, and my father was in the same room, same bed number, and the same billing came to me (paid in full). We did not deserve this. Dirty, dirty Illinois. The Illinois state government should have prosecuted this case, and criminal charges should have been filed against the operators of this nursing home. But the powers-that-be seem to be in cahoots. Dirty, dirty Illinois.

Caption: Dr. Peter Eugene Throckmorton, PhD

when he was a young man in 1940s

(memorial framing by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019)

Caption: Honorable Judge Allen Price Walker, on-line professional photo 2018

(Fair Use of online professional photograph)

Caption: Illinois Secretary of State Jesse Clark White

Fair Use of on-line professional photo 2018

David Meiselman, who was my late father's nursing home director,

son-in-law of the nursing owner, and an attorney.

(Fair Use of Facebook photograph)

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