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Release The Kraken!

One of my absolute favorite phrases has always been, "Release the Kraken!" It is so preposterously malevolent that it makes me chortle. I think, but I do not speak it when I observe chaos building.


"The first Urban Dictionary entry for the phrase "Release the Kraken" was submitted on March 31st , 2010. It was defined as "to pwn or to kick the ass of whomever you're releasing the kraken on."

"Throughout the first week of April 2010, the phrase was dubbed the latest meme by various tech and internet news outlets including Geekosystem, Vulture, Now Public, MTV and Mediate among others.

"In December 2010, the phrase was listed in TIME Magazine's Top 10 Buzzwords of the Year." — attributions were lost

I guess I am not the only one now, but I have enjoyed "Release the Kraken" ever since I first saw it in replays of silent movies of the 1910s & 1920s.

Caption: Release The Kraken

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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